About Us

"It's all about Relationships."

Ray Desmond President/CEO

Ray Desmond is the founder, president and CEO of GainClients, Inc., which was formed in 2001. Since the company's inception, Mr. Desmond has been leading the development, direction and implementation of GainClients' practices and strategies and continues to focus his passion on positioning the company on the cutting edge of technology that will improve the real estate industry. He strives to stay ahead of market trends exploring new innovations, and services and resources for real estate professionals.

Mr. Desmond is also the founder and president of NOVA Home Loans, a Tucson, Arizona based company that has earned a well-developed market-force in the mortgage banking industry with more than 35 years of hands-on and executive experience. He individually pioneered the concept of mortgage brokering and implemented this concept with Nova Home Loans in 1980. Under Mr. Desmond and his executive team's direction, NOVA Home Loans now originates loans in 15 states, 18 offices and with 750 employees; it is the number one privately held mortgage bank in all of Arizona and recently ranked in the top 10 in all of Colorado.

As he did with NOVA Home Loans, Mr. Desmond believes the GCard has the ability to create an innovative disruption in the real estate industry. "It's a new and simple way for all of the parties in a real estate transaction to connect, work together and create relationships with the easiness of technology. Once this occurs, the buy/sell event will naturally follow."

Have a comment, question or suggestion? Email Ray Desmond by downloading Ray's GCard: https://gcard.gainclients.com/nova/ray.

GainClient, Inc.

GainClients, Inc. ("GainClients") brings technology solutions to the real estate industry and since 2001 has been dedicated to providing real estate, mortgage and title professionals with inventive resources through mobile and web products. With its unique and easy-to-use tools and valuable real estate information, GainClients gives its customers (and their home buyers and sellers) the products and services they need to be successful and to find the perfect home.

GainClients' core service, SikkU (seek-u) was improved and re-released in 2015 as the GCard ("GCard".) The GCard begins with a virtual business card and supplies a new way to create, build, and nurture relationships among real estate professionals and consumers.

GainClients offers its products on mobile apps for iPhone and Android and mobile optimized websites that include the company's Home Scoop™ tool and FOTEXT text service.

GainClients, Inc. is a public company trading on OTC Markets under the ticker symbol GCLT and is headquartered in Tucson, AZ.